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A .PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe PhotoShop. You would only need a PSD file if you want to update the banner later yourself AND if you have photoshop.

Let us know what text to appear on the banner, along with any other details you may have, including any color preferences, image/themes. If you are unsure, just provide us with your website address and we will review and create the banner based on your site's content.

A good banner get the message across to the user within 3 seconds. So don't overload your banner with texts, just the vital selling points and headlines to capture user's attention with a strong call to action to make them click

Recommended copy format:

- Short headline to capture user's attention.
eg. Make $2500 Today with A Proven Online System

- 3 to 5 dot points or benefits to emphasize the headline.

- A call to action button. eg. Click Here, Order Now, Find out more.

If you have any files such as logos, product images, screenshots or stock photos you want us to use on the banner, please upload them here.

Note if you don't provide us with any images to use, we will use at our discretion from our own collection of stock images and photos

Static Banner - is a standard image based banner without any animation or motion. Usually delivered in JPG or GIF format.

Animated GIF - is an image based banner with some basic animation, such as flashing buttons or alternating texts. This is delivered in GIF format

Flash/HTML 5 Banner - Created in Adobe Flash, flash banner is capable of smooth and dynamic animation as well as user interaction.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples